Training Services

On-demand courses

Mechanism – The trainings are provided based on the need of the client. These are mostly conducted in-house, with logistics and related arrangements being the responsibility of the requesting organization.

Applicability and benefits –

This kind of courses are useful for organizations with a reasonable internal demand for the training
The training course is attended by participants of the said organization only
Some customization to the course material and/or delivery is possible

Pre-Scheduled Trainings

Mechanism – The trainings are provided in a public-mode, with pre scheduling of the courses as per the market need. The logistics and related arrangements are done by the provider organization

Applicability and benefits –

These trainings are provided at affordable rates and are very suitable for organizations whose needs are limited (say 3-4 participants)
Even individuals aspiring to learn new or upgraded concepts could benefit from these course offerings Since all related paraphernalia is handled by the training provider, there is no overhead to the participants and/or organization

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