Consulting Services

Addressing complete roadmap

Mechanism – The requirements of the customer are well understood (say, implementing and appraising against CMMI®) and a complete solution addressing the entire roadmap of process improvement (including SCAMPI A) is worked out for the customer

Applicability and benefits –

This mechanism is suitable when the requirement of the customer includes the appraisal services as well As the entire cost of execution of the roadmap is known upfront, the interest of the customer is guarded against impending escalations.

Managed Consulting Tasks

Mechanism –In many cases, where the cost of implementing the entire roadmap seems prohibitive, a step-wise approach is recommended
The process improvement activities are broken down into smaller sub-sets that could be implemented on stand-alone basis
It is kept in view that the implemented sub-sets of process improvements would later tie into the overall process improvement umbrella (say, for SCAMPI A later)

Applicability and benefits –

There is flexibility in defining the scope of the work depending on the business imperatives and customer need. While not committing to a big cost, steps get initiated towards improvement
The consulting workload could be increased or decreased as per the task priorities and other constraints

This mode is beneficial in cases where initial commitment to process improvement might be an organizational issue.

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