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Programming using C : A 36 hours Workshop

About the Course

This course is aimed at providing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of programming using C language with a detailed insight of programming.

The course is designed to enable the participants to write program using C language.

Workshop objectives

After attending this course, the participants will be able to:

• Understand the concepts of programming
• Learn and apply the features of C programming language
• Explore the C programming language and develop own programs

Workshop Contents

The workshop would cover the topics as noted below. There would be hands on sessions at appropriate junction points to elaborate and understand the concepts.

• Overview of programming
• An overview of C language
• Data types, Variables & Constants
• Operators in C
• Control statements
• Console Input / Output
• Arrays in C
• Functions in C
• Pointers in C
• Structure , Unions & Enumerator
• File Handling in C
• Pre-processor in C