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PHP & MySQL : A 40 hours Workshop

About the Course

PHP is one of the most popular open source server side scripting languages used for producing web pages. It became very popular because it was one of the first server side scripting languages which is embedded in HTML. PHP is being used in over 20 million websites and 1 million web servers. In fact, many popular Open Source application software such as Drupal, Joomla, Word press, Magento, OsCommerce are developed using PHP & MySQL

This PHP & MySQL training program is an interactive training delivery with appropriate mix of theory with hands on sessions. The training includes an opportunity to work on real life project under the guidance of industry experts.

Workshop objectives

Upon completion of this advanced training course, attendees obtain in-depth knowledge to:

• Become proficient PHP/MySQL web developer
• Architect, write, debug and run web applications using PHP and MySQL
• Learn PHP programming skills to build interactive, data-driven website
• Use the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern to organize code
• Understand form data, cookies and sessions
• Learn to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

Workshop Contents

The course would cover the topics as noted below. There would be hands on sessions at appropriate junction points to elaborate and understand the concepts:

• Fundamental concepts (Software engineering, Web programming / designing, OOPS)
• Static Website Development (HTML & CSS)
• Learning the PHP Language
• Database Connectivity (DBMS concept & MySQL)
• Applicability to Industry Standards (MVC, AJAX)
• PHP Practical Examples
• Applicability to Industrial Projects (Shopping cart, Payment gateway)

• The course includes opportunity to apply the concepts learned during the course in real life project environment